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TERMS OF USE The use and/or visitation of DISCUSS THIS entail your consent to abide by the following Terms and Conditions, which set forth all legally binding agreements between you and DISCUSS THIS. By accessing this website and/or using the membership services you agree to all terms set forth, which you are advised to carefully read and print for your records. Anyone who does not agree with the Terms and Conditions herein must cease from accessing DISCUSS THIS. You agree to relieve DISCUSS THIS from any liability whatsoever pertaining to your use of this website as well as any indirect use of all third party websites. At any time, DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to make changes to this agreement, which shall be posted at the effective time of change, and for which you agree to be bound by for continued visitation and use of this website. As such, all member's are advised to regularly visit and read this page. DISCUSS THIS will in no way be held responsible for entries and media posted by its users. All obscene or sexually explicit and exceedingly violent content should be reported as an "Inappropriate Entry,” at which time it shall be removed if found to meet exclusion criteria. In its sole discretion, DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to decline access to this website and/or restrict postings, including private messages, without prior notice and liability, and to remove users who pose threats to other members. WEBSITE ACCESS As deemed by your compliance of these Terms and Conditions, you are given permission to use this website by DISCUSS THIS. Your consent to do so is limited to non-commercial use. Unsolicited emails, posts of commercial advertisements, affiliate links and any other form of commercial promotion may be removed without prior notice and may result in your expulsion. By using this website, you agree that you are 14 years of age or older. You agree to abstain from the use of, but not limited to, automated systems, such as "bots" or "spiders" that send automated requests to the DISCUSS THIS servers. You also agree to cease from harvesting member information from this website to be used for commercial solicitation. Any unauthorized and illegal use of this website may result in appropriate legal action. No part of this website shall be altered or used for any other purpose than its intended use, nor is any part of this website permitted to be copied and/or distributed without obtaining prior written authorization from DISCUSS THIS. At the time of registering a member account, you must provide accurate information and continue to maintain the accuracy of this information. You are responsible for all activity that takes place under your account. The sharing of passwords and use of other member's accounts is strictly prohibited. You are responsible for keeping your account password secure, and should immediately notify DISCUSS THIS of any security breaches to your account. USER SUBMISSIONS DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to delete any content postings which are in violation of these Terms and Conditions. Any content that is deemed to be offensive, in violation of personal rights or jeopardizes the safety of any person is subject for removal. DISCUSS THIS is not responsible for monitoring the posting of content by its members, or for the conduct of said members, and as such, is under no obligation to alter or delete objectionable content. All questionable content should be brought to the attention of DISCUSS THIS by flagging entries with the "Inappropriate Entry" tag available on all postings. Members are individually responsible for content posted through their accounts. DISCUSS THIS makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the validity and veracity of any content posted by its members. Said content reflects neither the policies nor views of DISCUSS THIS. PROHIBITED CONTENT DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to take appropriate actions regarding prohibited content which include, but are not limited to, removing prohibited entries, terminating users and accounts from which prohibited content originates and taking appropriate legal action when circumstances warrant doing so. Prohibited entries include, but are not limited to, content of the following nature: Spam and Abuse: DISCUSS THIS does not permit spam or abuse. Any accounts engaging in the activities listed below are subject to temporary or permanent suspension. Plagiarism:  Posting copyrighted material, without giving credit to the original author/source. Posting images or content that belong to another member, without proper consent from that person, is also prohibited. Impersonation:  Impersonating others in a manner that is intended to deceive, mislead, attack, or confuse others. Solicitation:  Attempting to use or obtain any personal details and contact information of other members. Username Squatting:  Accounts that are inactive for more than 6 months may be removed without further notice. Privacy:  Posting anyone’s private and confidential information such as credit card numbers, street addresses, phone numbers, or social security numbers, without their expressed authorization and permission. Copyright Violation:  Promoting the illegal use of copyrighted material and/or providing information on how to obtain pirated and illegal material of any kind. Serial Accounts:  Mass account creation, for the purposes of disruption or abuse. Hidden Content:  Posting anything that contains hidden images or password protected material. Malware/Phishing:  Publishing or linking to malicious content intended to damage or disrupt another user’s browsers or computer, or to compromise a user’s privacy. Spam:  It is prohibited to use a DISCUSS THIS account for the purposes of spamming individuals. What constitutes as spam will change as we respond to the new approaches developed by spammers. Some factors we take into account when determining spam are:  Excessive use of linking with lack of original content Number of complaints or flagged content filed against your account Posting misleading links Assign-ing unrelated tags to your posts Posting duplicate content or links throughout the site Artificial inflation or purchasing of followers Not Spam: Professional content is not spam and is allowed on DISCUSS THIS posts and within comments for posts that contain related content. This includes valuable content or links written for the purposes of promoting a business opportunity or product.  Professional content posts must be marked as “Professional Content.”  DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to make the final decision regarding any item that may be defined as spam. Pornography & Obscenity: Images that clearly display physical sexual acts, including non-artistic frontal nudity, promote pornography or any illegal activities/situations shall be considered pornographic. All pictures showing this material will be removed. DISCUSS THIS reserves the right to determine what constitutes artistic nudity. Harmful Acts: This content includes but is not limited to images and content showing the acts of violence. If the content is informational and/or instructional it will be allowed, upon review. If the content is gratuitous, it will be reviewed for removal. If the content is threatening, a determination will be made by DISCUSS THIS, at that time. Hate Speech: This content includes but is not limited to racial slurs and discrimination against a group of people. (i.e., using vulgarities in reference to them, posting racist words/slang/comments.) All racial slurs and discrimination are prohibited from DISCUSS THIS.  Members who violate these terms will be warned and asked to edit or remove the post immediately. Personal Attacks: This content includes but is not limited to attacks that directly target another person on the site in a threatening or harmful way. If a personal attack of threat or harm occurs, DISCUSS THIS will warn the user and leave the post up. The user will then be asked to edit or remove that post.  Failure to comply with the request to edit or remove the prohibited content, will lead to additional administrative actions. INFRACTION PROCESS Once a member begins violating our Terms of Use in any way, administrative warnings and actions will be applied according to the following process and guidelines: 1st Violation = 1st warning If the 2nd violation occurs within 14 days of the 1st violation, then the 24hr account ban will be applied. 2nd Violation = 24 hour account ban If the 3rd violation occurs within 14 days of the 2nd violation, then the 1 week account ban will be applied. 3rd Violation = 1 week account ban If the 4th violation occurs within 14 days of the 3rd violation, then the 1 month account ban will be applied, in addition to a 1 week ban on the member’s IP address. 4th Violation = Account removal from DISCUSS THIS + 1 week IP ban CONTENT RIGHTS DISCUSS THIS does not claim ownership or rights to any content, photos, videos, audio or other works of authorship posted on this website by its members. After posting content on DISCUSS THIS, you will continue to hold all ownership rights to your posted content, as well as all rights to use your content in any way, shape or form according to your discretion. On this site, such content must be within the limitations of prohibited content as deemed by these terms and conditions. By posting content on this site, you are hereby granting DISCUSS THIS a limited license for using, altering, duplicating and distributing such content on DISCUSS THIS and through DISCUSS THIS services and linking. As a limited license, this means that your content is subject to global reach via the internet, is royalty free (not subject to fees imposed on DISCUSS THIS) and that you are free to post and license the same content to other parties outside of DISCUSS THIS (non-exclusive). Upon posting content, you hereby warrant that you are the owner of the content or have rights to grant a limited license on said content. You also warrant that any content posted by you is not in violation of copyright laws, contracts, privacy rights, publicity rights, and you also agree to pay fees and fines associated with infringements of any content protection laws. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All logos, trademarks, graphics, photos, text, videos, software and scripts (aside from posted content by members) is owned and licensed to DISCUSS THIS, and is subject to intellectual property rights under U.S. and foreign law. All content on DISCUSS THIS is posted for information purposes only and is prohibited from being duplicated, copied, distributed, transferred, displayed, licensed, broadcast, sold or exploited for any purpose without the written prior consent of DISCUSS THIS. You hereby agree to cease from copying, using or distributing content on DISCUSS THIS for commercial purposes and for any manner other than what is permitted in these terms and conditions. You also agree to cease from interfering with any mechanism used on this site designed to prevent illegal content infringements. COPYRIGHT LAWS Any member of DISCUSS THIS who is deemed to post, modify or distribute copyrighted content and/or material, trademarks or other intellectual property belonging to others without having obtained proper written consent before posting said material, is subject to being terminated from accessing and using this website. If it is brought to your attention that your content is being used in any of the aforementioned manners without your prior written consent, please contact us with the following information: A written statement citing the location (URL) and description of written content posted on DISCUSS THIS which you believe to be infringed upon without proper authorization, your physical address, email address and phone number, a signature - electronic or in writing - of the copyright owner or designee charged with acting on behalf of the copyright owner, and a statement in your words (under lawful oath) that the information attested to by you is correct and that you are the copyright owner or designee charged to act in place of the copyright owner. TRADEMARK We reserve the right to reclaim user names on behalf of businesses or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those user names. Accounts using business names and/or logos to mislead others may be permanently deleted. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY DISCUSS THIS shall not be held liable to you or any third party for direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary and/or special punitive damages and financial loss incurred by you as a result of accessing this website and/or using the services of DISCUSS THIS. Any liability whatsoever on DISCUSS THIS, no matter the cause or action, will at all times be limited to the total financial amounts, if any, paid by you to DISCUSS THIS during the course of your membership. INDEMNITY You agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless DISCUSS THIS, its employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners and agents from any claims, loss and liabilities made by third parties as a result of your use and access of DISCUSS THIS and your breaching of the terms and conditions herein set forth, including the posting of any content by you which causes DISCUSS THIS to be liable to any other parties. MEMBER DISPUTES All members are individually responsible for their relations with other members. Although not obligated to do so, DISCUSS THIS may choose to monitor disputes taking place amongst members. If a dispute is to arise regarding the services of DISCUSS THIS, you agree the dispute will be governed in a court of law within the State of Florida, USA. You and DISCUSS THIS have the right to demand that any disputes be settled by arbitration conducted by dispute resolution services. SEVERABILITY CLAUSE If any part or parts of these Terms result in actions on behalf of the user that are invalid, illegal and unenforceable, or are in conflict with the laws of any legal jurisdiction, any remaining part or parts of these Terms will not be affected as a result of any such actions. WARRANTY DISCLAIMER DISCUSS THIS will not be held responsible for the actions of its users, whether online or offline. Under no circumstances will DISCUSS THIS be held responsible for any personal loss or damage resulting from the use of any services or events sponsored and/or hosted by DISCUSS THIS. All services provided by DISCUSS THIS, including posted content and media does not guarantee specific results of any kind. DISCUSS THIS will not be held responsible for any malicious content posted on this website, whether as a result of its member's postings or from software and hardware activities utilized by DISCUSS THIS. Links to other websites and third parties posted by DISCUSS THIS members is not investigated, monitored nor endorsed by DISCUSS THIS for accuracy, and your usage of these links in no way shall hold DISCUSS THIS responsible for the content and services therein. Your access of third party websites or advertisements on this website is done solely at your own risk. DISCUSS THIS takes no responsibility for errors and omissions in content or technical malfunctions resulting from software, hardware, hosting, and Internet malfunctions.

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